Receiving Donated Breast Milk

We provide safe pasteurized milk from carefully screened donors to fragile and sick infants, thus improving their potential to survive and thrive. We also provide donor milk to full term heathy infants.

To receive milk today call 212-956-6455


Receiving milk as an Individual


When your baby is at the hospital

Pasteurized donor human milk (PDHM), is prescribed by healthcare providers. The hospital is responsible for ordering milk for its inpatients. Talk with your healthcare provider about getting a donor milk prescription. Hospitals have different policies about who receives milk as standard of care. Please call us at 212.956.MILK (6455) if your hospital does not receive PDHM or if you need help obtaining PDHM for your baby.


When your baby is at home

Pasteurized donor human milk for a baby at home requires a healthcare provider's prescription. Talk with your child's provider about using donor milk at home. If you and your provider agree that donor milk is necessary, please call us at 212.956.MILK (6455) and we will set up an account for your family. Donor milk for outpatients is dependent upon availability and hospitalized infants are given first priority. If there is a medical need for donor milk, NYMB will seek prior approval for coverage of donor milk through your insurance.

Individuals, please click the button below and fill out the forms. Please email them to [email protected] or fax them to 914.202.3358


Receiving milk as an Institution

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Apply to obtain a New York State Milk Bank License

In New York donor milk is considered a tissue (not a food) and hospitals in NY must have a license by the New York State Department of Health. There is no fee for the license and NYMB will help you fill out the forms. The forms needed are: 2973 2973C and 2973I (instructions). You need policies and procedures for dispensing milk and keeping track of recipients. Hospitals can store donor milk in the same freezer that mothers on the unit store their own milk. Clearly label the milk and store it in different bins and/or shelves.