Our Process

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A woman calls with extra milk to donate.

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The donor completes a 4 step screening process. The last step is a blood test.


Milk arrives at the NYMB.

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Every bag is inspected.


Milk is gently thawed at room temperature.


Milk is squeezed out of bags after being gently thawed.

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After homogenizing it is poured into bottles.

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Milk is quickly capped.

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Bottles are placed in a cage and submerged for pasteurization.


Our Sterifeed pasteurizer has handled over 800,000 of milk in less than 5 years.


Pasteurized milk is then tested in our Miris Human Milk Analyzer for energy, fat, carbohydrate, and protein content using a small sample volume.

Labeling Milk

One bottle is randomly selected and sent to a lab to be tested for bacteria.

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The finished product!

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Frozen and placed in our inventory.

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To be given to a baby in need.