NYMB Donor Mom: Elspeth

Elspeth H

Despite some challenges along the way, breastfeeding has been a wonderfully nurturing, nourishing, and bonding experience for me and my now 11-month old daughter Fiona. I feel incredibly lucky to have had a healthy full-term baby, to have been able to establish a strong breastfeeding relationship, and to have an ample milk supply that should allow her to keep nursing and receiving expressed breastmilk to 12 months and as long after as we both want. Especially during this pandemic – when opportunities to connect and help others can be limited, and pregnant women and new mothers face even greater challenges than usual – I so appreciate New York Milk Bank making it possible for me and Fiona to give back to our community and share the benefits of breastmilk with the babies who need it most.

Elspeth has donated 131 oz. of liquid gold to the New York Milk Bank!