Human Milk Production Supervisor

Full-time, non-exempt position (On-site, no remote work)

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Job Responsibilities (but are not limited to):
  • Responsible for compliance of NYMB Food Safety Plan, Sanitation Guide and Standards of Practices, HMBANA guidelines, and New York Food Handling principles, assuring they are followed through all steps of milk processing including, thawing, bottling, pooling, pasteurization, and storage.
  • In conjunction with the Donor and Logistics Managers, ensure adequate volumes of milk are processed in varied milk types and bottle sizes to meet hospital and outpatient orders.
  • Works collaboratively with Donor Team and Order Fulfillment departments to advance the mission of NYMB.
Milk Processing Staff Oversight
  • Assures all milk processing staff, and volunteers adhere to NYMB policies and procedures and HMBANA guidelines regarding milk thawing, processing, and storage.
  • Collaborates with Lab Supervisor on the division of duties and everyday operations of the processing room.
  • Performs oversight of annual assessment of all milk processing team members, including the completion of the Milk Technician Skills and Knowledge Competency Checklist. Assists with annual planning of skills fairs and staff training.
  • Assists with orientation and training of all new processing technicians and volunteers.
  • Provides feedback to Executive Director for each team member’s annual performance review.
  • Maintains schedule of staff needed daily in the milk processing area. Regular communicates schedules and changes to milk processing staff and the Executive Director.
  • Schedules daily duties for processing technicians, as needed.
  • Facilitates the learning experiences for student visitors and interns by providing information and hands-on learning opportunities about milk banking.
  • Schedules team meetings, co-facilitates with the Lab Supervisor and the Executive Director, if needed.
  • Regularly communicates with milk processing staff, including all practice or workflow changes.
  • Attends all staff meetings.
  • Completes HIPPA training and any additional mandatory trainings assigned by the NYMB.
Raw Milk Intake and Oversight
  • Works collaboratively with the Donor Manager to understand raw milk volumes and available donor groups for pooling and pasteurizing.
  • Coordination of shared staff for tasks related to milk check-in, milk pulling, and thawing, and milk disposal
Supplies and Inventory
  • Daily assessment of the adequate amount of clean and sanitized glassware, bottles, and other processing supplies are ready for use.
  • Performs weekly assessment of processing supply inventory and communicates the need for timely ordering.
  • Coordinate with Donor Manager to determine appropriate milk types and volumes are available for dispensation 
Milk Analysis
  • Oversight of pre-and post-pooling milk samples are appropriately collected, prepared, analyzed, and recorded per NYMB SOP.
  • Preparation and filing of cleaning and zero fluids for analyzer, weekly, assuring adequate replacement fluids are ready to use.
  • Performing daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance of Miris analyzer.
  • Communicate with Miris representative when questions or problems with Miris arise.
  • Coordinating with Logistics Manager to assure adequate supplies for replacement fluids and monthly maintenance materials are stocked and ordered as needed.


Milk Processing Planning and Execution
  • Daily milk selection for milk processing. Review of electronic donor files to confirm milk is safe and appropriate for pasteurization by verifying exclusion dates and donor approval status.
  • Creation of milk pools using analyzed data from individual donor milk samples. Analysis results combined with inventory needs are used to determine pool volume, batch, and bottle size.
  • Oversight of milk sample collection, associated record-keeping, and creation of manifest. Coordination with shipping department staff to ensure timely delivery of samples.
  • Supervision of disposal of milk that fails bacteriological testing is discarded appropriately and clearly documented.
  • Management of milk pasteurized for research purposes, for autologous donation, or prior to donor screening approval is clearly identified and separated from milk being processed for imminent dispensation.
  • Performs weekly assessment of processing supply inventory and communicates the need for timely ordering.


Documentation and Record-Keeping
  • Working knowledge of WITZ database. Training, assessment, and oversight of milk processing staff’s ability to understand and utilize the software. Review of the information entered in WITZ is complete and accurate and batch bottles are labeled accurately and completely.
  • Assuring pasteurized milk batches are stored properly in the freezer with clear and accurate labeling.
  • Annual review of Milk Processing Standards of Practice (SOP). Revisions to SOP as necessary in conjunction with the Executive Director.
    Revisions to forms used in pasteurizing changed as needed.
  • Maintaining accurate and complete thawing, pooling, and pasteurization records.
  • Work in conjunction with the Logistics Manager with an interpretation of post- pasteurization milk culture results, securing of results to batch records, and milk approval.
  • Maintaining weekly/monthly reports of volume and number of batches processed.
Equipment Maintenance and Cleaning
  • Oversight of cleaning and sanitation of processing room and equipment is completed per NYMB Sanitation Guide.
  • Development and implementation of daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning checklists for the Clean Lab.
  • Maintain calibrations of Tiny Tag Thermometers, and all other thermometers utilized in freezers, refrigerators and in the processing lab.
  • Understanding of all pasteurization equipment and refrigeration used in Clean Lab. Assist with scheduling of specialized equipment cleaning and maintenance.
  • Work collaboratively with Executive Director in understanding factors that contribute to contamination and bacterial growth in lab cultures.
  • Reports any concerns about equipment malfunctions immediately. 
COVID-19 considerations:
Our staff is required to wear masks and social distance.
Temperatures and oxygen levels are taken at the beginning and end of each shift.
Staff is to report any out-of-state travel plans and quarantine when necessary.
 Please submit your completed form and resume at [email protected]
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