Forget the Baby Gear — This is What New Parents Really Want

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You might be thinking that what the new parents in your life could really use is a year’s supply of diapers, a trendy new baby carrier, or something else that takes a bite out of the high costs of raising a baby. But what parents truly need is something to remind them that they’re special too. Instead of piling up presents for the baby, make a point to buy new parents one of these gifts that will make them feel loved.

New Parent Care

New parents need to be comfortable when taking care of a newborn. Let’s try to make them cozy for the long nights ahead with these gifts.

  • Essential Wear. Your new mother will nurse their newborn at least 8 times a day. Make sure that she has effortless yet functional clothing that provides convenience for nursing and that is essential to a nursing mother’s wardrobe. 
  • Heavy Blanket. To keep warm, sometimes sleepwear just isn’t enough. Getting them a weighted blanket will make them snug, and it may even help them sleep better.
  • Sleep-matic. To help the new parents fall asleep faster, maybe they need to use a sleep gadget.
  • Watch It. If they have to stay up and take care of the baby, having access to a streaming service will allow them to watch their favorite shows to pass the time.
  • Quick Meals. Let’s make sure that the new parents aren’t ordering fast food all the time. Let them have the option of having a home-cooked meal when they’re a bit tired. Meal kits are recipes and prepared ingredients that need only 30 minutes or less to prepare.
  • Wine When Able. If they can find the time, having a glass of wine will be good for the new parents to relax and spend some quality time with each other. They’ll get a monthly supply with a wine subscription.
  • Muscle Motor. Having an at-home massage tool available whenever they need it works wonders with sore muscles. There are different kinds of tools available depending on what the new parents need most.

Home Care

  • I See You. Seeing who is at the door and being able to talk to them via a doorbell camera is a convenient way to check if the parent has to go out immediately, or if it’s just a delivery that they can leave by the door.
  • Mr. Robot. Having to sweep floors is a thing of the past with robot vacuums. These useful little gadgets can vacuum floors and carpets, and bring the dust and debris back to its station.
  • Instant Bites. Multi-cookers can cook rice, steam, slow cook, pressure cook, sanitize, and saute, among other ways. A device like the Instant Pot can also sterilize baby bottles and make yogurt. Some recipes allow you to put everything in, do errands, and come back to a hearty meal.
  • Be Smarter. There are many smart home appliances and gadgets that can make life easier or more convenient for new parents. Gifting them something they may need will make their home smarter.
  • Keeper. Nothing can truly replace an actual pair of hands helping out at home. The services a housekeeper can provide will help the new parents with a lot of things. Housekeepers can clean, wash, cook, run errands, and may even take care of the baby for them.

There will be plenty of years to shower your niece, nephew, or grandchild with gifts. But right now, the best gift you can give is one that helps the new parents in your life be the best parents possible. Whether that’s something to help them get a good night’s sleep or just something to relax with, these gifts are guaranteed to put a smile on your loved one’s face.

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by Marissa Perez

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