Frequently asked questions
How do I prescribe donor human milk?
Prescriptions for donor milk include the recipient’s name and date of birth, date of order, amount of donor milk needed on a daily or weekly basis and the number of refills.
How can hospitals order donor milk?
Hospitals can order donor milk by calling 212.956.MILK (6455).
We will set up an account to provide donor milk as needed. The New York Milk Bank will deliver donor milk to facilities within a one-hour radius for a small handling fee. Outside the one-hour radius, donor milk will be shipped overnight.
Can a hospital use one bottle of donor milk for multiple recipients?
Yes. One bottle may be used for more than one infant in the same way that a medication can be used for more than one patient.
Do hospitals require a tissue bank license in New York?
Yes. In New York, donor milk is considered a tissue. Hospitals in New York must have a tissue bank license that includes human milk. This is easily obtained from the New York State Department of Health. If you need assistance with obtaining a license, the NYMB will be happy to provide you with sample policies and procedures and help with filling out the application.
Who should I call in the Department of Health?
The Tissue Resource Program at 518.485.5341.
Can I find information online?
  • Yes. The forms required are the NY State DOH-2973 and 2973C. Form 2973I provides instructions.
Is there a fee for a license?
Can a NYMB representative speak at our hospital on using donor milk?
We would be delighted to send one of our directors to speak at grand rounds, conferences, or to administration to discuss using donor milk in the hospital. Please call Roseanne Motti at 212.956.MILK (6455).
What is a milk depot?
A milk depot—also known as a transfer station— is a collection site affiliated with a milk bank where pre-approved donors may drop off surplus milk after they have been screened and approved by the milk bank.
Why host a milk depot?
A consistent supply of donor milk is needed to help meet the increasing demand for safely pasteurized donor human milk. Establishing milk depots throughout the state provides mothers with a convenient way to donate their extra milk. Once approved as a donor, a mother may drop off her milk easily and periodically.
How do I host a milk depot?
Any healthcare facility, provider’s office, hospital or breastfeeding retail store may host a milk depot. A small area is needed for a freezer and some storage space for coolers. In New York, the facility must have a license filed with the New York State Department of Health. The NYMB will assist with the application and provide polices and procedures, daily temperature control logs and donor logs.
What is the cost to host a milk depot?
There is no fee for a license. The freezer costs about $200.00 and a NIST thermometer is about $80.00. If cost is an issue, please speak to our director.
How is milk shipped?
The frozen milk is packed tightly into a cooler, insulated with paper and shipped overnight using a prepaid shipping label provided by the milk bank. If the depot is within a one-hour driving radius from the milk bank, a courier will pick up the milk and deliver it to the milk bank.