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Bhawna - Donor

"I am so happy that I could donate with the help of NYMB. Wonderful people giving a wonderful experience to the community."

Kathryn - Recipient

"We are so grateful to the donors, volunteers, supporters, and staff of the New York Milk Bank."

Heather - Partner

"Managing the Mother’s Milk Depot out of Cobleskill NY, I get to meet the amazingly generous moms who come to donate their milk. Every one of them has a beautiful story to share. We love being a piece to the puzzle for the NY Milk Bank!"


My son's mother was unable to breast feed and NYMB not only made sure that breast milk was readily available for my son, but maintained such a personal relationship with me that they became like family. My son, born one month premature, has been able to grow and thrive so miraculously. NYMB has truly been guardian angels in the lives of my family.




I donated 316 ounces of milk at Peconic Pediatrics milk depot, with more to come and chose to donate my milk because as a NICU nurse I witness each day how important breast milk is to premature and full term babies. My son is very happy to share his milk with other babies who need it.



MONDAY TO FRIDAY: 9:00 am to 4:30 pm