6 Tips for Balancing Your Home Business With a New Baby

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Congratulations on your new baby! This is an amazing time in any parent’s life, but it isn’t without its struggles, especially if you also have a home business. As a new parent, this can be tough as you want your child to have the best upbringing possible, but you also need to bring in the income necessary to provide the life that your family deserves. To help you out, we have compiled some great tips for balancing running your home business with caring for your new baby.

1. Prioritize Your Child at the Start

According to the March of Dimes, the first month or two of your newborn’s life is the most important time as parents build a bond with their child and provide the required care. It may be necessary to take some time off work. Properly prepare your clients ahead of time by sending out a message that you will be temporarily closed and provide information on when you will return. By taking this time, you will establish a routine and won’t be immediately overwhelmed as soon as the baby is born.

2. Make Caring for Your Kids Part of the Routine

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Even though you need to run your business, your child should still be an important part of your routine. Finish work at the same time every day so you can visit with your baby before dinner, and always have breakfast with your family. If you’re a mother, you may need to take regular breaks so your child can breastfeed.

3. Consider Forming an LLC

Even with a newborn, working from home can be easier and your business may be more successful if you start a limited liability corporation (LLC).

Creating an LLC is a simpler way to start a business as there is less paperwork, more flexibility, and tax benefits. Make sure to do your research beforehand, and if you need assistance, consider hiring a formation service like Zenbusiness.com to complete the process.

4. Find Child Care

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Although you may want to spend as much time as possible with your newborn, sometimes, work just will not allow that luxury, and you may require the assistance of child care services. That could mean sending your baby to a daycare facility for a few hours per day or hiring a babysitter to watch your child at your home.

There are many resources for finding great babysitters, and they include asking family and friends for references, searching bulletin boards at church, or using many available apps such as Sittercity and Care.com.

5. Use a Smart Baby Monitor

Whether your newborn is under the supervision of a babysitter, is napping, or is otherwise occupied, if you can’t be in the room, you can keep an eye on your child with a smart baby monitor. This technology has grown by leaps and bounds over the years, as baby monitors not only allow you to see and hear your newborn, but also let you speak to your baby, shine a built-in night light, and connect the video feed directly to your smartphone, among many other awesome features.

6. Prepare Faster Meals

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You can make more time for both your business and your newborn by cutting down on the time it takes to prepare dinner every night. Invest in a good crockpot or slow cooker that will allow you to add the ingredients, hit a few buttons, and then set it and forget it.

Although it won’t be easy, it is possible to balance having a new baby with running an emerging business. Follow the steps discussed here and make your life easier while enjoying more time with your new bundle of joy!

by Marissa Perez

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