Donated Breast Milk Saves Lives

The New York Milk Bank is the first comprehensive nonprofit milk bank based in New York State. We collect milk from carefully screened donors, pasteurize it and distribute it to infants in need.

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The New York Milk Bank is celebrating our 5 Year Anniversary!


We're so proud of how far we've come since opening our doors in September 2016-collecting and dispensing over 1,000,000 ounces of breast milk to date.


We couldn't have done it without our incredible milk donors, financial supporters, and devoted staff. 


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Returning the Favor to Jen Baquial and the Sirens Women's Motorcycle Club of NYC

Improving the Health and Survival of Infants


New York State Licensed

NYMB follows the strictest guidelines to ensure the utmost safety and quality of our donor milk

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Convenient Screening Process

Our streamlined screening and milk donation process makes giving your milk cost free and convenient.


HMBANA member

NYMB is a proud member of the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA).

Donate Milk

We have 31 milk depots licensed by The New York State Department of Health set up across New York State, New Jersey, Maryland, and Vermont. If it isn’t convenient for you to drop your milk, we can send a pre-paid shipping box to you.

Receive Milk
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Receive Milk

Due to the generosity of our milk donors, NYMB is fortunate to provide donor milk not just to sick and premature infants but to healthy full-term infants. We provide donor milk to babies born through surrogacy, adoption, and babies in the foster care system. We also provide donor milk as a bridge until moms own milk is established. 

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There are plenty of way to get involved without donating milk. Both financial and volunteer contributions go a long way towards helping our organization better serve families in need.

In the News

The New York Milk Bank has provided over 800,000 ounces of milk to infants in the Tri-State area. Click to read more about the impact we are making to save infant lives.




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"Thank you NYMB for making it possible to help fellow NICU babies and for providing mothers with another option to feed their babies."



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"As a carrier of BRCA mutation, I chose to have a preventative mastectomy to reduce my breast cancer risk and couldn't breastfeed my son. The New York Milk Bank made the impossible possible-my son has been fed breast milk for the first year of his life and I like to think he's drawn his incredible strength from all of the amazing women who donate to The New York Milk Bank. We can't thank you enough for everything you've all done for our family."




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"Managing the Mother’s Milk Depot out of Cobleskill NY, I get to meet the amazingly generous moms who come to donate their milk. Every one of them has a beautiful story to share. We love being a piece to the puzzle for the NY Milk Bank!"



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The New York Milk Bank is the first comprehensive nonprofit milk bank in New York State. We collect milk from carefully screened donors, pasteurize it and distribute it to infants in the Tri-state area and the surrounding area. We are committed to providing the safest mother’s milk to all babies in need.   

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